Mesh Radios

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Introducing the Vizon RMR Series Mesh Radios: Your Team Link in Challenging Environments

Stay connected with your team even in the most challenging terrains and remote locations with the RMR Radio. Designed to withstand the tough conditions, this cutting-edge communication device empowers localized teams to exchange vital text messages and share positions without the need for traditional cellular or satellite subscriptions.

Key Features:

  1. Rugged Reliability: Built to endure the tough environments, the RMR Radio is drop-hardened and IP-65 dust-proof and water-resistant, ensuring it remains operational when other devices falter.

  2. Mesh Networking Technology: Leverage the power of mesh networking to establish a robust communication network among your team members. With each device acting as a node, the radio can automatically route messages through the most optimal path, guaranteeing message delivery even in areas with limited coverage.

  3. Text Messaging: Communicate crucial information with ease through text messaging. Whether you're coordinating tactical maneuvers, sharing updates, or seeking assistance, the RMR's intuitive mobile app interface allows for quick and reliable communication at your fingertips.

  4. Position Sharing: Enhance situational awareness by sharing real-time positions within the group. The built-in GPS module enables accurate location tracking, ensuring that everyone knows the whereabouts of their teammates. This feature is instrumental in optimizing coordination and safety during operations.

  5. Mobile App Integration: RuggedMesh hardware runs the latest Meshtastic open source mesh software and is fully compatible with any existing Meshtastic ecosystem. This includes pairing via Bluetooth to Apple and Android devices, as well as an ATAK compatible plugin for complete integration with an ATAK infrastructure.

  6. No Subscriptions Required: No need for recurring cellular or satellite subscriptions to keep localized teams connected. The RMR Radio operates independently, creating its own network without relying on external services. This not only saves costs but also eliminates the vulnerability of traditional communication channels.

  7. Extended Battery Life: With an efficient power management system, the radio's long-lasting battery is designed for up to 5 days of continuous use without a charge. This ensures continuous communication throughout extended missions. Focus on your tasks without worrying about running out of power.

  8. Power Options: In the event the RMR outlasts your mobile phone, you can share the remaining charge with your phone through a USB out charging port.  There is also a separate dedicated solar charging port for long-term field use.

  9. Customizable Settings: Tailor the radio's settings to your team's specific needs. Adjust transmission power, encryption keys, and channels to optimize communication for your unique operational requirements.

Choose the Vizon RMR Radio line and lead your team with confidence through the most demanding environments. Elevate your communication, elevate your performance.